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  • Morris County Educational Article of the Month - Will a pest control company remove a wild Morris County animal?

Will a pest control company remove a wild Morris County animal?

Some of them will but generally unless they have the proper qualifications and certifications then do not use them, Morris County pest control companies are there to get rid of insect infestations, like termites, they generally not qualified or experienced at removing wild animals. The fact that they are not qualified or experienced can lead to the operator putting themselves in harm's way and winding up getting either bitten or scratched and of course, sometimes both. If the operator actually fails to catch the animal the first time then the animal will become much harder to catch the next time around.

Generally most unqualified pest control technicians will not attempt to trap and remove wild New Jersey animals under any circumstances simply because they know the people who do that kind of work and they also know how dangerous it can be if you are not familiar with what you doing. We have all heard the story of the unqualified person, yes even pest control technicians, who have tried to remove a raccoon or an opossum from someone's attic only to wind up in hospital having scratches, bites and bruises cared for as well as having tests for rabies. It seems that no matter what people do for a living there is always someone who thinks that removing a wild animal that is terrified is easy, it isn't, it is hard and it can get dangerous very quickly.

The main thing the professionals always that people underestimate when dealing with a wild Morris County animal is the speed the animal can actually move that when it needs to, sure raccoons are cute and sometimes funny but a mother raccoon protecting her young can scratch you up very badly in about 5 seconds flat, she's not mucking around, she wants to do as much damage to you as she can in the shortest possible time because she probably believes she is about to die as well unless she can drive you off.

Wildlife control, like New Jersey pest control, is a specialized field, it requires a lot of technical knowledge but more importantly requires considerable experience, people entering the field of wildlife control usually spend 2 to 3 years learning from someone who already has the experience and the experts say even then sometimes animals will surprise them and nearly all of them have the scars to prove it. They all say exactly the same thing, no matter how much you think you know always, and they do mean always, treat the animal with the utmost respect.

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