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  • Morris County Educational Article of the Month - What is the best bait to trap a Morris County house mouse?

What is the best bait to trap a Morris County house mouse?

What is bait? Bait refers to any food that is usually placed onto any kind of trap or cages with the intention on of enticing Morris County animals. House mice are one of the animals that one would consider trapping and getting rid of due to the problems they come along with. For one to succeed in trapping house mice, they should use the best bait in order to entice the mice into the trap. It hence means that one must have a clear clue of what mice feed on and what their favorite dish is.

Types of mouse traps
For one to choose the best bait for Morris County house mice, there are two factors one must take into consideration;
• Type of trap used
• The location where the mice have built their nests

There are different traps used to trap house mice. The snap trap is the most common trap used in trapping these mice are happens to be the oldest and most effective traps.

Another common trap for New Jersey house mice is the cage trap. It is usually a metallic designed cage whereby bait is usually put in it in a way that when it is shaken, the cage’s door closes preventing the mouse from escaping.

Best bait for house mouse traps
House mice are omnivorous in digestion but they are known to feed on mainly fruits, seeds and grains once they are in human houses. During periods where there is ample food all over, house mice usually prefer to feed on carbohydrates but on the other hand, they do not discriminate on what food to feed on during periods when there is minimal food exposed at their reach.

House mice are also known to munch on non-edibles such as electric wires, paper and even cardboards. The main reason for this behavior is mainly explained by their nesting habits. Most of their nests are usually built with materials such as paper and cardboards.

Below is a list of the favorite dishes that house mice love feeding on and would be used as baits in New Jersey mouse traps;
• Bird seeds or nuts
• Slices of hot dog
• Chocolate may also be used as bait
• Peanut butter and many more

For one to effectively trap Morris County house mice that may be causing problems in the house, they must have a better understanding on the dishes that the house mice love feeding on.

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